Digital Treasures

Price List

"Your Memories on CD"


  Scanned Images  
   Prints, 35mm negatives or slides, APS   69 cents / image
  Negatives and transparencies (larger than 35 mm)   $1.99 / image
Special on 300+ quantities of 35mm slides only  59 cents / image
Convert 3rd and 4th resolution from PhotoCD to jpg format and write to a separate CD  $9.95 per converted PhotoCD..FREE for Limited Time..
  Duplicate images from existing Photo CD  $9.95
  Transfer to VCR video tape (per disc)..Simple slide show..No music / sound  $19.95

Basic Order includes Scans, Media, and Index print (optional). Example of typical order. Go to Order Form and print.

Important information :

Digital Treasures
                                        Price List - Winter/Spring 2005